Consular Services

The Embassy provides, where possible, consular services to Samoans abroad, particularly in Europe. This includes the facilitation of applications for Samoan passports and requests relating to other important official documents issued by the Government of Samoa, including document certification.

The Embassy also endeavours to provide information and advice, where possible, on immigration and other general matters of interest to non-Samoan residents. All other enquiries requiring details will be referred to the relevant authorities in Apia.

Please contact the Embassy for further details.


Apostille Stamp (per page)
Birth Certificate
Death Certificate
Marriage Certificate (both born in Samoa)
Marriage Certificate (one born in Samoa)
Certificate of Non-Impediment (Confirmation letter)
Passport – Adult (new / renewal)
Passport – Child (new / renewal)
Document of Identity (new / renewal)
Document of Identity (replacement)
Citizenship by Birth
Citizenship by Descent
Certificate of Citizenship
Temporary Resident Permit – Study

For the payment of fees, please contact the Embassy for bank details:


All passport applications are processed and issued upon approval by the Immigration Office in Samoa.

The applicant is required to complete the Samoan Passport Application form and include the following:

  • 2 recent passport sized photos;
  • application & administration fee for each application of €220 for Adults; and €120 for children under 16 years;
  • where relevant, a copy of recent passport biodata/information page;
  • full details of return mailing address;
  • brief background note about the applicant.

A separate fee is charged for replacement passports due to loss.

The process can take up to six weeks from the date of receipt by the Embassy of the application. 

You can find the Passport Application here.
Please fill in the form and send the original document to following address:

The Ambassador
Embassy of the Independent State of Samoa
Avenue Commandant Lothaire, 1
1040 Brussels

Citizenship & other Immigration Documents

The Embassy facilitates requests and applications for matters relating to citizenship and renunciation thereof; as well as other immigration/travel related documents for Samoan citizens & residents.

Other Documents & Certification

In most, if not all, cases, all public documents must be certified in order to be legally used outside of Samoa.

The Embassy can facilitate requests relating to birth, marriage & death certificates; Certificate of Non-Impediment; etc by obtaining the documents from the relevant authorities in Samoa including the Apostille Stamp (Certification) administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Apia.

The applicant must provide a brief background note, details of full return postal address and pay the relevant fee(s).


For Visitors:

Visitors may enter and stay in Samoa on a visitor’s visa issued on arrival at the airport. The following is necessary to facilitate travel:

  • Passport must be valid for 6 months;
  • Return air ticket from Samoa;
  • Valid visa or permit for entry into the country to which you will travel from Samoa and;
  • Provide information on accommodation arrangements in Samoa.

In addition, visitors to Samoa for the purpose of attending meetings may enter and stay in Samoa for the duration of the meeting/workshop/seminar on the visitor’s visa issued on arrival provided that the local counterpart contacts the Immigration Office in Apia about the participants’ attendance; and that the participants hand-carry a letter from conference organizers to facilitate arrival at the border.

For Medical Electives/Short-term Attachments/Exchange Programme:

On behalf of the Samoa Immigration Services, the Embassy facilitates the issuance of Temporary Resident Permits for Study in Samoa.

All non-national passport holders must complete the application for a ‘Temporary Resident Permit’ (MPMC100) in order to enter and stay in Samoa for the duration of the attachment. The application must be accompanied by the following:

  • 2 recent passport photographs of each applicant;
  • Copy of the biodata page of passport;
  • Copy of confirmed return travel to and from Samoa;
  • Letter of acceptance (stamped and signed) from the local counterpart in Samoa to undertake attachment/exchange programme;
  • Letter of confirmation (stamped and signed) of study from your University/Institute of Learning;
  • Evidence of funds to support yourself (e.g. bank statement);
  • Confirmation of accommodation in Samoa;
  • Medical and Police reports (as applicable);
  • EUR$470.00 fee

Visa requests for Other Reasons:

The Embassy can facilitate obtaining the approval from the Immigration Authorities in Samoa subject to submitting all the required documentation and payment of the relevant fee.

All visa applications are to be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to intended departure for Samoa.


The following schedule of fees is applicable (€ EURO) as of 5 November 2021 and subject to change.

The Embassy accepts payments made in (i) Bank Draft / Cheque or (ii) Bank Transfer. We strongly recommend that payments through mode (i) be sent through registered post together with your relevant applications and requests. We do not encourage payment made in cash and sent through mail. We will not assume responsibility for monies lost in the mail.

We do not accept traveller’s cheques, personal cheques, postal or Western Union orders.