Ambassador Luteru meets CTA management and staff


In the context of ACP-EU negotiations for a successor agreement to Cotonou, Ambassador Fatumanava Dr Paolelei Luteru, in his capacity as Chair of the ACP Sustainable Development sub-committee, visited CTA at the invitation of the Director, Mr Michael Hailu, on 10 April 2019.

Ambassador Luteru met with management first.  During this session, the Director and his senior staff briefed the Ambassador on the current work of the Centre as well as efforts undertaken to continuously review and address areas of concern to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation.  An exchange of view on how the Centre could assist the ACP Group and the EU in the achievement of their joint objectives and aspirations in the agriculture sector concluded the first session.

In his meeting with staff, Ambassador Luteru gave an overview of the status of ACP-EU negotiations focussing on progress achieved and outstanding areas that would require further work between the parties.  The placement of CTA within the overall institutional arrangements part of the new agreement was also discussed.  After his presentation, Ambassador Luteru answered questions posed which highlighted the interest shown by staff members.  This was to be expected especially as the future of the CTA would impact on the livelihood of staff members involved.

Ambassador Luteru in drawing the meeting to an end, thanked the Director and his staff for the invitation and pledged to continue to work towards the achievement of the agreed ACP mandate for the continuation of the Centre beyond 2020.

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