Key Investor Information

Some key information are provided here for your ease of reference. (Source: Samoa Investment Guide 2012)


For details of water rates, procedures and application for water supply and further information, please contact:

The Managing Director
Samoa Water Authority
P.O. Box 245 Apia, SAMOA
Tel: (685) 20409 / 21267; Fax: (685) 21298; Email:; or


The mountainous regions of Samoa provides water for five hydroelectric power stations with installed capacity of 12 megawatts with electricity of 230 volts available to all households and commercial consumers.  Diesel generators are used during dry seasons and supplement the hydroelectric power at times, bringing the total installed capacity of 36 megawatts. The island of Savaii is totally supplied by diesel generators with capacity of about 3 megawatts.  The islands of Upolu and Manono are supplied by diesel and hydro stations, while Apolima Island is totally served by solar energy.

For more information on rates, installation, etc, please contact:

The General Manager
Electric Power Corporation
P.O. Box 2011
Tel: 22261; Email: or visit


The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is the policy development arm of communications in Samoa, with its vision to lead the region and aiming to provide affordable and reliable communication services for all.

As such, Samoa’s communications sector has undergone a reform program resulting in vast improvements in technological access and services performance over the last few years. Samoa’s communication services include telephone (fixed line/mobile), postal, internet, broadcasting and multi-media services.

The Office of the Regulator was established in 2005 as an independent authority to regulate the sector and facilitate a licensing and monitoring regime.

For more information please contact:

The Chief Executive Officer
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
Private Mail Bag
Tel: (685) 26117 / 26709, Fax: (685) 24671 Website:

There are two main telecommunications providers in Samoa:

(i) BlueSkySamoaTel provides the following services:

– International Subscriber Dial (ISD) facilities for long distance telephone;

– Telex;

– Facsimile; and

– Mobile Phone services.

For details on rates and more information please contact:

Customer Services Blue Sky Samoa Tel Limited
Chief Post Office, Apia
E-mail:; or

(ii) Digicel Samoa Limited offers a range of services including mobile phones and services; and internet access to Digicel Mobile Money.

For more information please contact:

The Chief Executive Officer
Digicel Samoa Limited
Tel: (685) 84 28003; Fax: (685) 28005; email:

The following are some of the Internet Service Providers in Samoa. Contact them directly for details of services, rates, connections, etc:

(iii) Computer Services Limited (CSL)

The General Manager
c/o – Sales and Marketing Manager
Tel: (685) 20926; E-mail:; or

(iv) Lesa Telephone Services (Internet branch—

The General Manager
Lesa Telephone Services
Tel: (685) 20181; E-mail:; or visit


The Central Bank of Samoa (CBS) controls all foreign exchange transactions as well as matters relating to monetary stability and supply of money within the country. This includes international transactions, overseas transfer of funds and funding of imports, and registration of insurance companies.  Repatriation of overseas capital and profits is normally permitted provided the original investment entered Samoa through the banking system or in an otherwise formally approved manner.

For further information please contact:

The Governor
Central Bank of Samoa
Private Bag
Tel: (685) 34100; Fax: (685) 20293; e-mail: or visit

The Development Bank of Samoa (DBS) provides medium and long-term loans for industry and agriculture development. These loans are primarily for the acquisition of fixed assets for new enterprises and expansion of existing ones. The loans have different rates depending on the loan category for which a loan is sought.

For further information please contact:

The General Manager
Development Bank of Samoa
P.O. Box 1232
Tel: (685) 22861; Fax: (685) 23888; email: or

Commercial Banks

In order to open a bank account, companies with foreign ownership normally need to present the normal identification documents, comply with Anti Money Laundering Requirements, plus a copy of the Foreign Investment Registration Certificate. Below is a list of four (4) commercial banks currently operating in Samoa:

(i) Samoa Commercial Bank (SCB) – An account must be opened with the SCB before an investor is eligible for a commercial loan.

For more information please contact:
The General Manager
Samoa Commercial Bank Limited
P.O. Box: 602
Tel: (685) 31231/31232; Fax: (685)30250; E-mail: or visit

(ii) National Bank of Samoa Limited (NBSL): In order for a Foreign Investor to loan from the National Bank, they must open an account and meet all local regulatory and legal requirements.

For more information please contact:

The Chief Executive Officer
National Bank of Samoa Limited
P.O. Box 3047 L
Tel: (685) 23077 or 23079; Fax: (685) 23085; E-mail: or visit

(iii) ANZ Bank (Samoa) Ltd: All foreign owned companies that have obtained the appropriate regulatory approvals are able to apply for commercial lending and for deposit facilities.

For more information please contact:

The Chief Executive Officer ANZ Bank (Samoa) Limited
Beach Road P.O. Box L1855
Tel: (685) 69999; Fax: (685) 24595; E-mail:
Website: ; Swift Code: ANZBWSWW

(iv) Westpac Bank (Samoa) Limited: The investor must have a bank account and bank with Westpac in order to be eligible for commercial loans. Although there are no restrictions regarding lending to foreign investors, Westpac prefers that there be a local shareholder in the company.

For further information please contact:

The General Manager
Westpac Bank (Samoa) Limited
P.O. Box 1860
Tel: (685) 20000: Fax: (685) 22848/26252; E-mail: or visit

The commercial banks require security in the form of freehold land, term deposits or any other assets of value as well as a detailed Business Plan.